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Here in PJR Dresden we want to show you that politics can be fun! With our exciting and interactive methods, widening knowledge about relatable and interesting political insights is our greatest goal. Those who are interested receive here the chance to try things out for themselves in various areas, to take on responsibilities and to gain experiences that will shape them their personalities as volunteers or interns.

In doing so, we are actively nonpartisan.

In this site we offer information about our organisation and our activities, as well as opportunities on how to get you involved with us. If you want to know more, your best option is to contact us directly, we are always ready to welcome you!

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Saying farewell is never an easy thing

Saying farewell is never an easy thing

And for the last time “hello”, Now is the last week of my volunteer service and I would like to share the rest of my...

My very busy spring

My very busy spring

Hello my dears, my EVS project is slowly coming to an end, spring is over and there are only 2 months left of my voluntary...