A good way to support us is to become a member of our association. Thus, the work of the association is secured for the long term. In addition, at the annual general meeting members decide on questions that fundamentally influence our work. Likewise, as a member you are getting the possibility to become part of the association’s directorate.

The contribution is € 24 per year for employed persons and € 12 for all others.

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At the general meeting on October 12, 2008, various forms of membership in the PJR Dresden e.V. were included in the statutes as suggested by the directorate. Every member can choose his / her own membership form every year starting from 2009. These are concrete:

  1. Full membership: Full members actively support the work of the association. You are entitled to vote during the general meeting. The annual fee is € 24 or € 12 for pupils, students and unemployed.
  2. Supporting membership: Supporting members promote the goals of the association ideally and materially or they advise the organs of the association. You have a speech right but no voting right during the general meeting. Support members pay a membership fee of any amount, but at least € 24.

All members of the association have access to information and documents of the association.

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