Saying farewell is never an easy thing

And for the last time “hello”,

Now is the last week of my volunteer service and I would like to share the rest of my experiences with you.  

In June, we held several seminars on “extremism & populism” in the high schools Dresden-Cotta and Nexö. In doing so I was responsible for the energizer games, one of which we developed ourselves with a political theme. In addition, I conducted a group game in which the students should develop and present a plan to save or to overthrow democracy. Some ideas they came up with were very creative and gave us good opportunities for discussion. 

In July, we were mainly busy preparing the second part of the German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange in August and the first part of the German-Israeli Youth Exchange in September. Some program points had to be developed, discussed and organized. 

In my free time I made two very different trips to the small Danish island of Ærø and to Barcelona. On the first trip, I was able to enjoy the utter serenity of the little island and on the second I dived into the hecktic life of the metropolis and let myself be impressed by Gaudi’s masterpieces (like the Sagrada Familia).  And then I also tried a few fun things in Dresden, such as cinema on the bank of Elbe and the Elbe Cycle Route.

Likewise, I wanted to outline that during my EVS I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Thus, all my expectations were fulfilled. I would like to thank the sympathetic and nice PJR office team and wish them a pleasant working with the new volunteers!



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