This video was created in four days in October 2014 as part of a video workshop for young people. The project was carried out as a cooperation of Stolpersteine für Dresden e.V., Politischer Jugendring Drseden e.V., Putjatinhaus and riesa efau. 

The young participants aged 13 and 14 dealt with the fate of the Chitz family based on the available materials, developed a storyboard and a shooting schedule, conducted two external shooting sessions under their own direction, and then conducted the sighting, editing of the material and the video in the media workshop of the cultural association riesa efau.

The whole thing was supervised by Ronny Geißler from Stolpersteine für Dresden e.V., Franziska Grimm from Putjatinhaus, Tobias Wallusch from Politischer Jugendring Drseden e.V. and Claus Dethleff from riesa efau and Stolpersteine für Dresden e.V.