Recently, we have carried out our seminar “Web 2.0” in KJFH Plauener Bahnhof and at some schools of Dresden several times. The aim of this seminar is to get in touch with the participants and to discuss their experiences and expectations on the topic of Internet & smartphone. Thus, we started the seminar with an expectation inquiry to find out what the participants expect and whether this coincides with our “program”. It also offers the opportunity to get closer to specific topics as we see what the interests are. It is also important to make rules of conversation, so that the planned exchange of opinions is for us all understandable. 

Afterwards, the seminar continued with a positioning game. In it the participants should position themselves according to specific statements in space: refuse or agree or both of them. In order to get into conversation, we asked to reason one’s own point of view and to share the own associated experiences. Here we could easily touch upon different topics (from data protection and fake profiles to media dependency), which we can come back to later.  

Then we talked about social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Co. As expected, the students had a lot of knowledge about these applications and they had a lot of  material for conversation. Finally, we came to the topic of data protection, which should go hand in hand with the social networks. As an introduction we showed a video from “Klicksafe”, in which the protagonist explains her experience with her own data on the Internet. Afterwards we asked the students some questions about the video and their own experiences. The fact that few personal data are enough to identify sb, we wanted to show with the game “profile”. For this we had each pupil fill in a small questionnaire and then the information was presented. It was really astonishing that after only 3 characteristics the wanted persons could be identified.

Then we talked about WhatsApp, possibly negative consequences of being constantly available and set up a “WhatsApp etiquette guide” for the class chat.  

Finally, we started the topic of the most popular social medium YouTube with a short “guessing game” regarding German YouTubers. The game was received with much euphoria. The difficulty here was merely to point out alleged tricks of some YouTube stars, as they are highly valued by the students.

As part of the Jugendweihe (youth consecration), we held the seminar in the KJFH Plauen and with our tablets we used an selfmade online quiz from “Kahoot”. It was very well received by all the participants.