Democracy in everyday life – Betzavta-training

What is democracy? Most people would think of majorities, minorities and compromises. But how do we come up with solutions that appeal to as many people as possible and help us as a society?

In cooperation with Aktion Zivilcourage e.V. we offer a workshop that follows the educational approach “Betzavta” (“together” in Hebrew). The workshop will demonstrate with practical exercises how we can make democratic decisions.

The following democratic principles are experienced and learned by the participants:

  • to agree
  • ways of democratic decision-making
  • accept the other opinions and points of view
  • to deal with the tension between one’s own freedom and the freedom of others
  • to take responsibility
  • dealing with majorities / minorities
  • to recognize and endure dilemma situations
  • die eigenen und fremden Bedürfnisse erkennen

Here is the flyer to download: az_workshops_1920 (pdf)