Social training

… takes place in regular training sessions. Using a proven program, we help students consolidate and develop their social skills. This lets the class grow together, creates a positive class climate and relieves the teachers. The topics are individually adapted to the needs of the class. The following content is planned on schedule:

  1. Rules for cooperative work
  2. Self perception and perception of the others: we practice observing and describing ourselves and our classmates.
  3. Emotions: we learn how we can recognize the feelings of others and practice expressing and accepting our feelings.
  4. Takeover of perspective: we learn why it is important to empathize with others and how we can achieve that.
  5. Wishes and needs: We learn to perceive our wishes and needs, to share and accept them.
  6. Interaction in the group: we learn to listen to each other, to express praise and criticism, to tackle things together and to solve conflicts non-violently.